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Most customers require at least one framed print. We produce the following print sizes and have a range of frames and mounts to suit most tastes.

30” x 20”(76.2 x 50.8 cm)

27” x 18”(68.6 x 45.7 cm)

24” x 16”(61.0 x 40.6 cm)

18” x 12”(45.7 x 30.5 cm)

15” x 10”(38.1 x 24.4 cm)

12” x 8”(30.5 x 20.3 cm)

*Please note that these sizes are for the print only and when mounted and framed are substantially larger.*

To produce high quality prints we use epson wide format Giclée printing. This is coupled with top quality bespoke framing gives superior quality and longevity. There is a wide range of frames, mat board options and styles to choose from so that you get that personal look. We can even set your house name, personal details or even company logo in a cut out in the mat board to further personalise your special print. Everything is produces in house so that you can be confident that your purchase is of utmost quality.

When framed prints are supplied we protect the corners of the frame with cardboard (as shown), we pre string them and felt pads are fitted to the bottom corners to avoid wall damage. As you would expect with a service of this quality, we pay utmost attention to detail and even put a plaque on the back of the frame with the date that the photograph was taken, the shot number and our details. We keep copies of all photographic digital negatives in case of loss or damage to your prints or disks and assure all customers  that we hope to be able to reproduce any photograph that we have taken in years to come (subject to longevity of storage media).

We think that you will enjoy our personal service and cherish your framed print for many years to come. To ensure this we use the latest technology to maximise print longevity.

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We can produce any format and virtually any size onto disk. We include copyright for you to reproduce as many times as you wish whether that be brochure production or advertising.


Framed Prints



Our prices for the flight to photograph your property / site are as follows.

For fixed wing flight $400.00 per hour is charged in 6 minute blocks ($40.00 per 6 minute block) from Murrayfeild (Mandurah), Jandacot or Bunbury. For helicopter flight and other airports please Contact Us for more accurate pricing. Please note that if we only use 30 mins of air time this is what you will be charged for. This flight will produce proof shots to your specification from which you may choose the final formats that you require.

Please not that the above rate covers only the aircraft and pilot cost from Murray Airfield and further purchase of framed print/s and or disk purchase is also required. Flights from other airports are subject to availability and are quoted for on a job by job basis so please Contact Us for more information.

Some customers elect to invite neighbours or neighbouring business to share in the cost of the flight from the nearest airport to the area to be photographed and  wherever possible we try to help.


Framed prints in your choice of frame and mount colour from our standard range.

Framed Prints

Disk with full copyright granted to a maximum of 2 images $650.00 fully colour corrected and in formats of your choice.

Please note that if you have paid for the flight then this charge is for the entire shoot of up to a maximum of 50 images straight out of camera. An extra charge may be applicable for large amounts of colour correction and image manipulation work.


With over 20 years of experience in Photographic Manipulation & Enhancement we offer all our customers a very personal services to alter images to get your required results.

Basic retouching of our aerial photographs is offered Free Of Charge (ie. removal of wheelie bins). For more complex retouching we simply charge an hourly rate. Please Contact Us for more information.

Photographic Manipulation & Enhancement

30” x 20”

27” x 18”

24” x 16”

18” x 12”

15” x 10”

12” x 8”







All prices inclusive of gst and are correct at the time of publication. Air Images reserves the right to alter prices at any time.