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We have Special Packages available for Schools & Businesses please visit the above links for further information.

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To keep cost down on Aerial Photography fixed wing flight is our normal method of transportation. For all flights requiring fixed wing flight from Murrayfield or Jandakot Airports we proudly use the services of the Royal Aero Club of WA. Please visit their site for all your joy flight, trial flight and learn to fly services www.racwa.asn.au

We specialise in most types of Aerial Photography Including

  1. BulletDomestic

  2. BulletPrivate Dwelling

  3. BulletHoliday Home

  4. BulletFarm

  5. BulletMining & Associated Industries

  6. BulletIndustrial & Business

  7. BulletCorporate

  8. BulletSporting Facilities

  9. BulletGovernment

  10. BulletSchools

  11. BulletRoads

  12. BulletInfrastructure Planning

  13. BulletReal Estate Sales

  14. BulletIndividual Blocks

  15. BulletScenic and Planning

  16. BulletDevelopment Sites

  17. BulletScenic

Please see Types for more information

Air Images Is Not Just An Aerial Photography Service But A Complete Package

With over 20 years experience in Aerial Photography we can conduct Commissions, Aerial Surveys,

Mining Photography, Stadiums, Schools, Businesses, Farms,
Dwellings, Scenic and much more.

It doesn't stop there, because we have a wealth of Image Manipulation Skills, In House Printing and Framing Services we can offer a one shop complete package for all your requirements.

Based in Mandurah in the heart of the Peel and Murray Regions in Western Australia (WA) and at Jandakot Airport, Perth, WA (within minutes of the CBD), we can cover all your aerial photographic needs both locally and throughout Western Australia.

We use high resolution digital equipment and the best lenses to stay cutting edge and obtain superior quality results. Digital prints are printed on our, in house, large format Giclée printer onto the highest quality media. Our quality framing services compliment photography and framing, offering a one stop shop that finishes and protects your aerial images. We give you peace of mind that your work will be of the best quality from start to delivery and will command our utmost attention.

At Air Images we can, in most cases, cover that urgent job that requires attention. We know sometimes that a job may be of utmost importance and we will always try to help.

We take the greatest of  pride in our personal, professional services, producing quality work in the shortest time at a reasonable cost (weather permitting).


For more advanced positioning and some Specialist Aerial Photography, Helicopters are needed. In association with Rotorvation Helicopters we are able to offer these specialist services. Please visit their site for all your joy flight, trial flight, learn to fly services and business requirements www.rotorvation.com.au